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SDM become IWDRO Approved

SDM Productions are proud to announce we have become members of the IWDRO

The IWDRO is the UK’s Regulatory Office governing internet based commerce. The IWDRO exercises a regulatory function, setting standards and offering accreditation to businesses who demonstrate competence, credibility and professionalism within the industry. The IWDRO has a Code of Conduct designed to augment the benefit of recognition for our members and promote confidence and trust for consumers wishing to appoint the services of our members.

The unique attraction of the internet as a trading platform is that the very nature of the World Wide Web means there is a universally available portal to a fast-growing worldwide market with very few barriers to commercial entry. Consequently, this makes the future of providers within the Internet, Website Design and Development Industry very exciting and, potentially, very rewarding. As with anything offering such opportunity and potential, it will attract service providers with widely varying degrees of skill, integrity, credibility and ethical appreciation.

Consumer reports of unsatisfactory products and services are increasing year on year within the sector. At the Internet & Website Development Regulatory Office (IWDRO), we want the sector to continue to grow and make a significant and positive contribution to our economy. We are committed to managing that growth by monitoring the stability and transparency of providers within our sector.

Whilst many of the services offered by operators within our sector are of a creative, and therefore subjective, nature, membership of the IWDRO is recognition that the corporate foundations of the organisation involved have been attended to properly, giving service users the confidence and satisfaction they increasingly demand.